Everybody has their own way of working. Some people prefer to do the same thing every day, while others like to change things up and try new approaches.
I belong to the second group.
Sometimes I prefer to stand, and sometimes I prefer to sit. Sometimes I like to drink tea and sometimes coffee. Sometimes I enjoy listening to music while I work, and sometimes I prefer silence.
It is important to find the best approach for you.

Project managers are always on the go. You’re always on the move, meeting stakeholders and tracking budgets.
It would be great to have a music to guide you and motivate throughout the day.
I created a list of award-winning songs about project management in honor of the 60th annual Grammy Awards.
Through the years, project management music
Julia Michaels’ “Issues”, a project management hit, is among the Grammy nominees. Perhaps one of these issues is how important it is to have good project management software. “That’s what I Like” by Bruno Mars (strawberry champagne on the ice after a successful venture). ), and “What About Us?” (what about all those plans that went wrong? ).
This list didn’t include songs that were released in 2017. This compilation of greatest hits was compiled by me searching through every Grammy winner, from 1958 to the present.
Many of these songs have a title that includes a lesson in project management (which we’ll look at together). Others find the lyrics to be directly relevant to project managers.
Each song has a YouTube video link so you can listen and then sing along. Enjoy!
1. Barbra Streisand’s “People”

Barbra “Babs” Streisand burst onto Broadway’s scene with this hit song from “Funny Girl,” earning her the 1964 Grammy Award for Best Vocal Performance by A Female. She sings, “People who need people are among the luckiest people in this world.”
Sometimes it feels like you are the only one managing a project. Remember that all stakeholders, clients, programmers, and others around you want the same thing: a successful project. It’s your job as a guide.
2. Aretha Franklin’s “Respect”

Otis Redding wrote this song in 1965. R&B queen Aretha Frank turned it into a timeless hit two-years later. This track helped children spell the word “R-E–S-P–E-C-T”, which will be a lasting hit for many generations.
The song won the Grammy in 1967 for Best Rhythm & Blues Recording and serves as a guide for project managers. Hard skills such as budget management and scheduling are important but soft skills, like communication and mediation, are even more important. It all starts with respect.
3. Rufus (featuring Chaka Kan): “Tell Me Something Good”

Stevie Wonder wrote this super funky track for Chaka Khan. The result is amazing. It was awarded the 1974 Best R&B Vocal Performance by a Duo, Group Or Choir. This song may have been heard at a sporting event, while a play was being reviewed.
Some things are beyond your control as a project manager. While you plan, budget, and assign tasks, sometimes it is impossible to get good news. You can make sure that communication lines are open and clear. Poor communication is the main reason for more than a third failures in projects.
4. Chicago, “If You Leave Me Now”

Chicago won the Grammy in 1976 for Best Pop Vocal Performance By a Duo or Group. This smash hit was also nominated as Record of the Year.
Peter Cetera and his magnificence