Nirav Dave, CTO & Cofounder of Capsicum Mediaworks, wrote the customer story
Hi, my name is Nirav Dave. I am the CTO and Co-founder at Capsicum Mediaworks. Capsicum Mediaworks is a WordPress service agency in India. ActiveCollab has been my favorite tool since 2015. It allowed us to improve communication between departments and also gave me the ability to manage my teams remotely. In the past, we had to communicate via email and other platforms. ActiveCollab has made it possible to streamline the process, increase productivity, and reduce coordination time. ActiveCollab allows us to monitor which projects each department is working on, since we have many departments within our company that are working simultaneously on web design and development projects.
How long was spent on a project?
Each project’s progress;
What are the bottlenecks facing the team (if any)?
If teams are able meet deadlines
Which tasks were completed successfully?
You can also invite clients to critical projects to ensure that the client and the team on the project can coordinate seamlessly. How ActiveCollab helped us organize our work flow
We create a new ActiveCollab project for each client. This helps us keep track all internal and externe discussions and allows us all project-related documents in one place. These are the steps we take when we start work on a web design project. Step 1 – The Project Manager sends the client an questionnaire asking for his inputs. After the client has given the brief, the Project Manager will work with him to understand the scope of the project and its objectives. He will also create a timeline for each deliverable. He also determines the number of revisions that can occur on the project to ensure that it is completed on time. Step 2 – The Project manager assigns the task/project to ActiveCollab so that he has access to the brief and any other resources that might be provided by the client. The deadline is also set and team members are included in the project. Step 3 – Based upon the brief, the web designer conducts research and creates wireframes or design drafts. The project manager then sends the wireframes to clients for feedback. Step 4 – Once the Project Manager receives the feedback, the Web Designer makes the necessary changes in the design as per the feedback, which is then again sent to the client for approval.Step 5 – After the finalization of the design, the Project Manager assigns this task to the Web Developer.Step 6 – Once the Web Developer completes the task, the project is then sent to the Quality Analyst, who reviews it, highlights areas that might need improvement, suggest changes if any, etc.Step 7 – Lastly, the final draft of the website is sent to the client and changes are made as per the client’s needs and requirements.Throughout all these activities, everyone involved in the project remains up-to-date via ActiveCollab. You can also see the status of a project by using the ‘Labels feature. ActiveCollab is the best way to track the progress of any project.
ActiveCollab is simple to set up and you can begin working right away. It doesn’t require any special training to use it. ActiveCollab has the best combination of features that make task management easy. You can also access it from your smartphone or tablet. ActiveCollab’s best feature is the ability to efficiently track time across multiple project. This feature is not available in any other collaboration tool. It allows me to not only track the performance of my team but also allows me to t