Manufacturing is a vast and diverse industry. Images of factories, production lines, smells, industry, people, and the environment in which they are located may come to mind when you think about a manufacturing environment.
Fast forward to the 21st century and manufacturing has become more efficient, modern, and requires creative thinking to solve industry problems. Manufacturing could be a job in an automotive plant, or making t-shirts for toddlers.
There are many options. Here are some reasons why a career in manufacturing could be rewarding.
Manufacturing jobs are in high demand. Manufacturing plants have sprung up in emerging markets like China, Taiwan, and other countries in the Far East. These plants can make parts for cars, advanced drugs, or toys for kids.
These factories require people with solid industry-led qualifications who can apply a variety of working methods to improve the supply chain.
Although AI is a large part of core manufacturing, robots can use the latest vacuum pumps to disperse waste and perform other tasks to minimize human error. However, quality control in manufacturing plants requires humans.
Manufacturing pays a different salary than other industries. Salaries can be low if you are working in a factory as an entry-level position in a less skilled job. If you have a management qualification and get a job on a highly-sought graduate scheme, you may be able to have a career path laid out for you that leads to a six-figure salary when you reach senior management.
If you’re looking to become an entrepreneur and get funding to start your own manufacturing facility, your business plan will determine how much revenue you make.
You should research your chosen industry thoroughly, do market research, and make sure that the product you are manufacturing is viable and marketable. To gain experience, it may be a good idea to work for a manufacturing company before you start your own business.
In recent years, the car industry has experienced a lot of growth and change. As more people want to switch to hybrid cars from their gas-powered cars, the demand for diesel-guzzling motors is decreasing. This has led to a major shift in the way automotive production lines are organized.
Electronics are more important than ever as engines and safety systems are powered by renewable energy. This is why there is a greater reliance on them in the twenty-first century. You should consider studying management and obtaining an electronic engineering qualification if you want to be hands-on and have a pulse.
Although manufacturing is not the most glamorous industry in the world it is growing fast and is a lucrative one. Manufacturing is a great career choice for those who are looking for a diverse and challenging career. This guide will help you determine if you are able to enter the manufacturing industry.