• AWS-Google (48 respondents)
  • OpenStack-VMware (40)
  • AWS-VMware (18)
  • Azure-OpenStack (13)

The report stated that “These results indicate a trend towards well managed cloud diversity, with both on-prem and private clouds consumed in an-a-service model.” It is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to find ways to manage these diverse combinations. Multi-cloud management was ranked at 12.7 percent in respondents’ Top 3 cloud management challenges. It is considered to be just below metrics and logging, app deployment, automated scaling and failover, cost analysis, and app deployment. Ofir Nachmani (CEO of IOD), stated that heterogeneous IT infrastructure is an enterprise reality in a prepared statement. It follows that a solid multi-cloud management layer will be crucial to avoid fragmentation when reinventing the traditional enterprise IT environment.