Datos IO, a cloud-scale data protection company, announced yesterday that it is now an Amazon Web Services Inc. Standard Partner. This means that it offers next-generation cloud-native protection for applications and database.
Specifically, “Datos IO will enable enterprises to protect their next-generation SaaS applications or applications (such as Internet of Things [IoT], Analytics, eCommerce and others) hosted on IaaS [Infrastructure-as-a-Service] and PaaS architectures natively deployed on AWS against data corruption, disasters and human errors,” the company said in a statement yesterday.
This protection is provided by the company’s flagship RecoverX program, which it calls “the industry’s only NoSQL scale-out distributed database recovery tool.”
“Enterprises now have the option to deploy Datos IO RecoverX in AWS using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instances (Amazon EC2) for compute and store backups natively to the cloud to Amazon Simple Storage Service, (Amazon S3) or to on-premise file/object stores,” the company stated. “RecoverX is a tool that allows enterprises to recover data in the cloud natively, to recover data back to the cloud to on premise secondary storage for data portability, or to multi-cloud from another cloud — helping enterprises implement multi-cloud strategies.”
According to the RecoverX Web Site, Consistent Orchestrated Delete Recovery (CODR) is a key component of the solution. This architectural approach is independent from reliance on media servers and can transfer parallel data to and fro both file-based and object based secondary storage.
Henry Baltazar, a 451 Research analyst, stated that “The cloud provides security and data availability but data is still susceptible to internal user error which could result in accidental deletion.” “Datos IO’s RecoverX software can run on AWS Cloud to protect data and provide rapid recovery in the event of data corruption or deletion.