You are now looking for information on how to fill out the online PMP application. Project Management Professional certification can help you grow your professional skills and career. Many people involved in project management are confused about how to get an extra boost in their careers.
PMP is a globally recognized standard for project management. It is the gold standard for project managers. The benefits of PMP certification include global recognition, a better salary, and an understanding of best practices in project managing. There are many compelling reasons to apply for the PMP certification.

Filling out the online PMP Application Form
This discussion will walk you through the steps involved in filling out the online PMP application form. The discussion will also discuss different elements of filling out the application form, such time spent filling it. We will also discuss general guidelines and tips to avoid rejection of applications. We will also discuss how to prepare for a PMP audit, and what to do after you apply.
Basic requirements for PMP application
Before we move on to filling out the online PMP application form let’s review the basics. To apply for PMP, you must verify your eligibility. These basic criteria will verify your eligibility to submit the PMP application form.
The first condition is a 4-year bachelor’s degree. You must also have 4500 hours of experience in project leadership and management.
If you don’t meet the first eligibility condition, the second eligibility condition will apply. If you have a high-school diploma, you can apply for the PMP process. If you have a diploma, however, the experience requirements can be quite extensive. A diploma may require you to have nearly 7500 hours of experience in managing and leading projects.
Before you submit an online PMP application, you must have the required project management education. If you meet the above criteria, you should get formal project management education. Why? Your formal project management education is a key requirement for PMP certification. Before you can fill out the online PMP application form, you must have completed 35 hours of PMP training.
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Timing is crucial!
Let’s now focus on when you should fill out your PMP application. Most PMP applicants wait to finish their preparations before filling out the application form. The best way to submit your application form is in the early stages. Let’s focus on the main reasons why the submission of the application form is important.
Candidates must appear for the PMP certification exam within a year after submitting their application form. Candidates will have a limited time to prepare for the exam. This will help you stay focused on your exam preparations.
Applying is not enough! Candidates must complete their application form within 90 calendar days. PMI keeps the information of applicants who have submitted an online application for 90 calendar days before it deletes them. You have only 90 days to complete the application process.
Another reason to be concerned about the submission time for your PMP application is convenience. How? PMI releases new versions for the PMP certification exam. If you have read the reference titles already, you can apply quickly. This means that you don’t need to start over for exam preparations.
Different sections of the Application
The explanation of the different sections of the application is the most important part of PMP Application Assistance.
Contact Information and Education Details

The contact information of the applicant is the first part of the application form. Candidates must provide their personal and work-related information. You should be cautious if you feel confident about filling out this section. Only 20% of forms make it to the audit stage.
A slight error can result in your application being rejected. Candidates should be exact in providing their contact information. The application asks for information about the highest educational qualifications of applicants. Candidates must be careful when entering the names of their alma maternities.

The names must match the ones on the certificates. At the time of audit, candidates should bring their certificates. Candidates should also submit their grades and percentage marks exactly as stated in the th