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Audio Transcription:
Ben Aston:
Are you still waiting for the web project to go live Let’s say you are still waiting for the content to be delivered. Or maybe the client has already sent it. But now you wait for the client to send the content that matches the site. It’s a challenge that web developers face every day. This problem is not unique to agencies, but it can be addressed. Yes, there is a better way. Keep listening to this podcast to learn how to get rid of endless email trails, large attachments, and messy Google Docs. You can also gather content and files in one location with automated content reminders using a tool we’ll be discussing today.
Thank you for tuning in. Ben Aston is the founder of Digital Project Manager. Welcome to the DPM podcast. You may be a veteran project manager, a digital producer or something entirely different. Whatever your situation, you are now in charge of managing projects. Just know that you are not alone. They are trying to plan, start and deliver better projects. We at the are here to help you become more confident and skilled as a project manager. We can also help you connect with other project managers.
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James Rose joins me today. James Rose is the co-founder and CEO of Content Snare. We’ll be discussing Jira technology. He was once a web designer, and now he tries to help developers and designers regain their lives, get less work, and get better clients. So hi James.
James Rose:
It is amazing to be here, Ben. Except for the fact that I am currently being attacked with pathogens from an Uber driver.
Ben Aston:
We are glad that you were able to make it. Tell us about what you are doing right now. You have your own FaaS product, and also run a development shop. Could you tell us more about these?
James Rose:
Yes, we’ve been in software development for a long time. We started our business in 2010. We built our first software product back then. Then we began building software for clients, which is typical for agencies. That’s Aktura Technology, our development shop. Yeah. That’s pretty fair. We just make custom stuff for people.
We also built a lot websites during that time. As your intro might suggest content is a big issue for many people. Through our… I guess I did quite a bit of networking with web developers and it seemed like a big problem with everyone. At the time, we were trying to find a solution to another problem because software’s kinda where our hearts are and it just clicked in. I thought, “Man, we need to build something to help us collect content and all these other web developers need help as well.” That’s how Content Snare was born. We have a SaaS. I guess it’s software.