Every project is unique and difficult. Each project has its own set problems. Projects are often associated with business change, which means that people will have to learn new ways of working. They may be assigned to another department or no longer needed by the company. This can be difficult for someone new to the job or someone who hasn’t been a manager for a while.
Here are some ways to understand and work in difficult projects
These projects can elicit strong feelings, and generally negative sentiments from most people. These are some ways you can understand and work in such environments.
It is important to take the time to get to know the stakeholders and what they can gain and lose from the project’s success.
No matter the odds, find the positives and highlight them for others (stakeholders).
Talk to senior management to set up a budget for the team that is working against the odds. The network and communications department is short of staff and cannot complete the required upgrade within the timeframe. However, this will make a great impact on their resume/CV and will also help them to get the additional benefits if they do it on time.
They deserve praise. It is easy to forget to recognize the hard work of employees. People want to be seen, not taken for granted.
Assure the older members of the group that they will receive training and then make sure they start to work on it. Identify the leaders (alpha personalities) in the group. Have them attend training provider meetings or ask them for advice about what training they should be taking.
Work with HR to ensure that the workforce is ready for the transition in projects where they are being reassigned. Don’t expect HR to do all the work. Follow up with them and make sure they are. It is crucial for the success of your project.
Be compassionate. Listen carefully, understand the issues, and then address them. These projects require communication.
Projects are not always secret. Therefore, it is important to communicate with stakeholders and address their concerns. This will help them root for your project’s success rather than become obstacles. Everyone loves to be part of the winning team. Why not join the same team and have no competition?
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