This intermediate level certification is for solution developers who have the knowledge and skills to use IBM Integration Bus V10.0 to create, deploy, tune and support platform-independent messaging flow applications that use different messaging topologies in order to transport messages between service providers and requesters. It also allows messages to be routed and transformed, validated and enriched during processing.
If you have experience in building message flows that make use of available transformation options, you will be able to pass the exam. Extended Structured Query Language, Java, and the IBM Graphical Data Mapping Editor are some examples.
You should also be able develop message flows that use different transport mechanisms. These include JMS and web services.
You will need to be able to assemble messages from multiple sources, use decision service and control sequences in a flow if you want to pass the new IBM certification exam. All candidates will be asked to be able build message models, such as Data Format Description Language(DFDL) for non XML data.
An IT professional who has experience in the design and implementation of integration services such WebSphere MQ and database services is considered an excellent IT professional and will pass the exam under any circumstances.
The solution developers must also generate IBM Integration Bus artifacts using patterns and use troubleshooting and tuning tools such as replay and record, message flow statistics, resource statistics, and message flow exerciser.
IBM Certified Solution Developer will be able extend IBM Integration Bus using adapters and other products.
You can earn the IBM certification if you are confident in your ability to succeed, self-sufficient, and able to perform the tasks required by the role with limited assistance from peers and product documentation and vendor support services.
Test C9530-011 – IBM Integration Bus V10.0 Solution Development
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