IBM today announced the release of a new certification exam called “IBM Certified Specialist-InfoSphere 11.5 Information Governance Catalog”. This exam will give you a solid foundation for your career within the IT industry. Candidates who pass this exam are expected to be able to maintain, populate and professionally design an Information Governance Catalog solution that accurately represents enterprise metadata. You should be able define
Users, roles, and access levels
Catalog permissions
Custom views and attributes
If you could, it would be a big hit with the public.
Create and maintain a category hierarchy for business vocabulary.
Configure and execute business lineage and data
Keep import areas and data connections up to date
Convert virtual assets into real assets
Manage and create workflows
Manage and create operational metadata
Maps and extended data sources
Import preexisting business metadata
Rest API allows you to import and export data
Support common metadata migration
Create, import, export and run queries
Manage metadata’s lifecycle
Manage data classes
Troubleshoot issues with system logs and operations console
Define and assign labels
Define and assign Stewards
Differentiate between technical metadata and business metadata
Manage and design collections
Define and manage external asset types
Connect business and technical metadata
Link design-time metadata with implementation metadata
Import asset definitions using Metadata Asset Manager
Manage multi-language environment configuration
Import asset definitions using command line tools
Use command line tools to import and export common metadata
Differentiate deployment architectures
Create, configure, and publish custom lineage reports
Create new asset types using open metadata API
Open metadata API allows you to create and import data lineage flows.
The IBM certification test consists of 60 questions. It takes approximately an hour and a quarter to complete. It is currently only available in English and requires a passing score of 59%.
Click the link to view the details of the test, the objectives, suggested training and sample tests.
Test C2090-650 – IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog