Geographically Diverse Team
With WiFi and smart devices, anyone can work anywhere at any hour of the day. This is great for individuals who want to stay connected no matter where they are located, as well as for businesses that need to hire top talent regardless their location. It presents a challenge for organisations with geographically dispersed employees who must keep up with status updates and communications to large, distributed groups.
Spreadsheets and basic tools
Many organisations still manage change events in a war room. There are spreadsheets taped to the walls and notes that must be physically taken and highlighted whenever plans or status change. Emails, basic project management tools, and spreadsheets are all used to manage change. However, this combination does not provide the visualisation, technical orchestration, or real-time data that organizations need to make change happen. People at all levels of the enterprise still rely on this method to coordinate and visualise change. These methods are not the best way to deliver enterprise change in 2019, given the amount of innovation in other areas.
Data sharing
Although data sharing has become easier in our daily activities, it is still not the best way to keep informed about changes. Using email, phone calls, and messaging apps to get status during an event is still not the best way to stay updated. It is essential to have the data at your fingertips and to be able to verify that it is current so you don’t waste time chasing status updates.
Innovations in Change Management are on the Horizon
This area of innovation is growing and organizations now have access to the latest technology. These are just some of the innovations that will help people plan, prepare, orchestrate, and review complex events with greater success.
Human and Technology Orchestration
Automation offers great productivity benefits and saves a lot time in development and delivery. There is still a need to have humans involved in the partially automated process of delivering change. Handoffs between automated and human tasks can slow down the process and reduce the efficiency of automation. However, technology orchestration automates these handoffs. It also eliminates the possibility that people could slow down the process or miss handoffs from automated tools. This allows you to make the most out of automation productivity gains.
Connecting Global Teams
Not only the largest companies need to think about managing global team members, but also geographically dispersed teams. This is a growing problem that presents a variety of challenges. Automated communications and live telemetry are both available to help you manage dispersed teams efficiently.
Telemetry Live
Live telemetry eliminates the need to communicate constantly because you can see your status in real-time without having to search it. This allows you to always have the most current data in order to make informed decisions. This frees up time for more important tasks, rather than chasing status updates and relaying it.
Software for Project Management
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