In the technical field, it is important to have knowledge in Java-specific programming skills. We have created 1Z0-817 practice exams to meet the high demand for Oracle Certified Java professionals. This is our attempt at helping candidates improve their Java 6 or 8 skills to Java SE 11.
Java SE 11 is the latest version of one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. We have already launched practice exams for the 1Z0-815 exam and the 1Z0-816 exam. The following discussion announces the launch our mock exam for 1Z0-817 and provides important exam-related information. The following information provides basic information about the exam, as well as the domains that are most promising for 1Z0-817 exam preparation.
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Java SE 11 Upgrade Certification Exam
The 1Z0-817 practice exams can help you prepare for Java SE 11, the most recent build of Java. It is not necessary that the exam code IZ0-817 indicates that it is part of OCP Java SE 11 certification. It is, in fact, an Upgrade Oracle Certified Professional certification. The official title of this certification is Upgrade Java SE 6 & 8, 7 & 8, to Java SE 11 Developer. Candidates who have the OCP Java Developer Certification older versions must upgrade their skills as Java constantly introduces new builds. The OCP Java 11 Update exam allows candidates to upgrade their skills and certification to Java 11 standards.
Exam Requirements 1Z0-817
It is essential to fully understand the requirements for the Upgrade Java SE 6 & 8 to Java SE 11 Developer certification in order to prepare and pass the 1Z0-817 test. A previous OCP: Java Developer certification is required for the upgrade exam.
1Z0-817 Exam Format
The following is a basic illustration of the 1Z0-817 exam format. The 1Z0-817 exam is a multiple-choice format with a total 80 questions. The exam lasts 180 minutes. 3 hours. Java SE 11 is the basic technology behind the exam. The passing score for OCP Java SE 11 Update exam is 61%.
To pass the exam, candidates must answer at least 49 questions correctly. As of the date of this announcement, the price for the Java SE 11 Update exam is US$ 150. For a quick overview of Java SE 11 Upgrade exam details, see the table below.
Java SE 11 Upgrade Certification 1Z0-817 Exam Basic Information
Name of the Certification Organization
Java SE 11 Upgrade Certification
Exam Code
OCP: Java SE 6 or 8 Developer Certification
Exam Duration
180 Minutes (3 hours)
Registering Fee
US$ 150
Java SE 11
You can use our 1Z0-817 practice exams to simulate the real exam, even before you actually take it. Every mock exam 1Z0-817 is designed by subject matter experts and certified professionals.
Are you ready to take the 1Z0-817 exam preparation? This comprehensive guide will help you prepare for the 1Z0-817 exam.
Domains covered in the 1Z0-817 Exam
Our 1Z0-817 practice exams are primarily focused on exam objectives. Candidates are tested on the following skills in the 1Z0-817 upgrade exam.
Understanding modules
Services in a modular app
Java interfaces
Lambda operations on streams
Java File I/O (NIO.2)
Migration to a Modular App
Inference to type local-variable
Lambda expressions
Parallel streams
Language enhancements
Candidates must prepare thoroughly for each of the objectives. Each domain has different topics. Our 1Z0-817 practice exams include questions based on the domain weight. Guided exam preparation can be made easier by reviewing the exam blueprint, including the format and exam objectives.
Steps to improve preparation for the 1Z0-817 exam
Let’s now discuss some steps that can help you prepare for OCP Java SE 11 Update exam. These steps will help you reach your goal of OCP Java SE 11 Developer certification.
Each candidate should visit the official certification page of 1Z0-817 exam. You can find all the details on the exam on the official page. The official certification page will also provide information about the different underlying topics of the 1Z0-817 exam. Candidates can feel confident when they approach the exam.
Training is the next concern for candidates as they prepare for the 1Z0-817 certification examination. The official exam page has a list of recommended training courses. Java SE: Exploiting Modularity, Other New Features is the best course for the 1Z0-817 test. To help with their preparation, candidates can subscribe to the “Java 11 Upgrade Learning Subscription”.
Online courses can be as effective as the learnin of the candidate.