A key part of running a successful MSP is hiring and keeping top talent. Hannah O’Donnell shares her top tips for retaining and attracting top tech talent. An MSP’s success can depend on the ability to hire and keep top talent. According to Hannah O’Donnell (Vice President of Sales at Collabrance), the number of churn has increased over the past few years and it has been difficult to find new employees.
O’Donnell shares tips in this video blog to help MSPs find local talent pools and keep those people around longer.
O’Donnell stated that there are many opportunities to help you find the right resources. These include building relationships with community colleges and using CompTIA technology career resources.
She also suggested that workers should make time for fun and create career paths for themselves. O’Donnell stated, “Identify the passions of your team members and how you can help them grow.”
Learn more by watching the video.
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