This is why it is important to have (1) commitment from the top management and (2) commitment from all employees. If the implementation is not complete, it will not reach its full potential.
This point is relevant to project management. It refers to the support and executive formation of a company-wide Project Management Office. The PMO must be the main source of all knowledge in project management, and it should be under constant development by project management practitioners. All PM’s within the company should evaluate and test any potential improvements in their project management methods, and then implement them as a positive change.
Communication channels and documentation management should be in place to ensure that everyone is fully and completely informed about any changes and how they impact the way they run projects. These project managers must have the ability to offer suggestions and initiate changes to the method through feedback mechanisms.
This is why it is essential that everyone involved in projects has a basic understanding of the methodology. They should be able to summarize the methodology. They should be able to use the tools and techniques that might be applicable to their contributions to projects.