All the new features are covered in our Windows Server Training, as luck would have it. Many administrators are unsure which version is better, Server 2016 or Server 2019. The previous version was solid and has many improvements and new features. What’s new in Windows Server 2016 vs Server 2019? Microsoft’s most recent release focused on a few key areas. Windows Server 2019 features improved security and better-enabled hyper-convergence. Server 2019 offers many significant improvements over 2016. Server 2019 facilitates a hybrid platform that can work with both on-prem and cloud resources simultaneously. It also improves the main areas of the application platform. These are the main differences between Windows Server 2016 and Windows 2019. Storage Migration Service Microsoft and consumers face the challenge of maintaining legacy systems that are no longer useful. This can lead to a loss of security and a waste of resources. Many users may find upgrading to new systems difficult and expensive. SPOTO Start training Cybersecurity training It was a long time ago that administrators were really excited about Server 2019. A quick glance at IT discussion boards from that time shows that the same question is being asked today about Server 2019. Microsoft launched Storage Migration Service this year. This tool allows for migration to Server 2019 from any version of Windows Server since 2003. While file copying and transferring has been possible for many years, administrators never had the opportunity to fully automate the process of migrating files and permissions from an old server. This is due to improvements in Storage replica, which allows you to replicate a storage unit number (LUN), between servers. Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition does not require a Windows Server Datacenter licence. This allows you to replicate storage volumes containing up to 2TB at a time. System Insights Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made great strides in the short time that they have been around. Server 2019 is faster than Server 2016, and has a System Insights module. It is easy to look at the system logs of past events. Administrators have been able view current occurrences for years. This module allows the server to look ahead and analyze the platform for potential problems before they occur. This can prevent potential security problems, reduce downtime, and minimize crashes. Systems Insights is built on the Windows Admin Center. Server 2019 has seen improvements over Server 2016. You can now check the status of latency and storage in real-time. This gives you unprecedented insight into your system’s operating environment and health. Azure Network Adapter There was a mixed reaction to the introduction of the cloud. Although many believed it would replace on-premises data centres, server technology was still geared towards the former. Over the past few decades, both the strengths and the weaknesses of cloud and on-prem resources has become more apparent. Both have a fundamental role and neither is going anywhere. Server 2019 was created to facilitate seamless integration of both technologies.