Recent reports indicate that the global Artificial Intelligence market will reach $267 billion in 2027. This indicates that AI is a key component of the future.
Companies are seeking AI Engineers to help them develop, integrate, design and deploy AI solutions across various platforms in order to embrace the AI revolution. It is therefore essential that professionals have relevant IT certifications in AI to validate their skills and expertise.
Candidates for Exam AI-102 (Designing, Implementing, and Maintaining an Azure AI Solution) are responsible for developing, managing, and deploying AI solutions that leverage Azure Cognitive Search, Azure Cognitive Services, and Microsoft Bot Framework.
1. Prerequisites
2. The Key Benefits of AI-102 certification
3. Exam Pattern
4. Percentage of questions for all Modules
5. References and Study Materials
6. Get certified now
Are you looking to take the Microsoft Azure AI102 certification exam?
This study guide will give you a thorough understanding of the AI-102 exam. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the exam pattern, prerequisites and a summary of each course module. It will also help you to see the benefits of becoming an associate Microsoft Azure AI Engineer.
Note: Exam AI102 replaces exam AI-100. Candidates can continue to take the AI-100 exam up until June 30, 2021 at 11:59 Central Standard Time. Exam-102 is still in beta and candidates must wait to see the exam results.
What are the prerequisites for exam AI-102
Candidates who take up the AI-102 certification exam must have:
Proficiency in Python, C# or JavaScript
Ability to use SDKs or REST-based APIs for natural language processing, computer visual, and conversational AI solutions in Azure
Knowledge of the components that make up the Azure AI portfolio, and the available data storage options is key.
Understanding how to apply responsible AI principles.
The Key Benefits of AI-102 certification
Candidates who take up this certification will be able to plan, build and manage knowledge mining, conversational AI and natural language processing solutions on Azure.
Candidates have the opportunity to work with IoT specialists, solution architects, data scientists, IoT developers, AI developers, and engineers to translate their vision into developing end-to-end AI systems.
Candidates who earn AI-102 certification will be able show their employer that they are capable of developing AI solutions on Azure.
This course will assist in obtaining high-paying jobs for Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associates.
Microsoft AI-102 Exam Pattern
The table below contains all the additional information candidates who are preparing for the AI102 exam should know:

Note: Any Microsoft role-based speciality certificate earned before June 2021 is valid for two years from the date of certification. Certifications obtained after June 2021 will only be valid for one-year from the date of certification. You can also renew the certificate validity by taking a free online exam.
Percentage of questions for all Modules
Manage and Plan an Azure Cognitive Services Solution (15-20%)
This module could cover the following topics:
Choose the right Cognitive Services resource
Configure security for a Cognitive Services solution
Create a Cognitive Services resource
Implement and plan Cognitive Services Containers
Implement Computer Vision Solutions (20-25%)
This module could cover the following topics:
The Computer Vision API allows you to analyze images.
Extract text from images
Extract facial information from images
Use image classification to implement