Reading Time: 1 MinuteEmployability is a hot subject in education right now. Our ultimate goal is to equip our students with the skills necessary to find and keep a job in their chosen fields. Although soft skills are not often the main focus of college curriculums, they are just as important than functional skills such as Microsoft Office or Programming.
Employers are looking to hire people with soft skills. found that 4 out 5 hiring managers said they had difficulty finding candidates with soft skills such as collaboration, professionalism, communication, and listening. These skills are a great way to stand out in a job search.
We have compiled a list with resources from Cengage that you can use as part of your course curriculum to help you incorporate soft skills. Students can access these titles in Cengage Unlimited at no additional cost if they subscribe to the service.
Career Readiness Resources
Portfolio Projects for Soft Skills: New Perspectives by Beverly Amer, 2e9781337119306
Problem Solving and Decision Making – Soft Skills for a Digital Workplace, Jeff Butterfield, 3e9781337119252
Jeff Butterfield, 2e 9781337119269 Professionalism – Soft Skills to a Digital Workplace
Jeff Butterfield, 2e. 9781337119276. Teamwork & team building – Soft Skills for the Digital Workplace
Jeff Butterfield, 3e 9781337119283. Verbal Communication – Soft Skills to a Digital Workplace.
Written Communication – Soft Skills to a Digital Workplace by Jeff Butterfield 3e 9781337119290