Michael Watkins

Global Knowledge Vice President, Client Solutions & Product Innovation Michael and his team are responsible to develop the “Blended Live” training portfolio. Michael has won numerous awards over his 20+ years of experience in the training industry. He was also named the Institute of IT Training’s Instructional Designer of Year. Blended Live can be used to fit into busy work schedules by reducing travel time. The flipped classroom method drives higher learner retention. Finally, the webinar will discuss how the challenge-based learning approach allows learners to bridge the critical IT skills gap and become more productive and more impactful with today’s most in-demand technologies. The webinar will cover how Blended Live combines instructor-led learning with on-demand learning to create an effective and more impactful learning experience. Blended Live’s flexibility allows for training needs to be met while still maintaining daily responsibilities. How Flipped Classroom can improve learning outcomes. How Challenge Labs can help close the IT skills gap. View Global Knowledge’s Blended Live portfolio.