It’s a great time of year to get organized.
You have now moved past the holiday stress and you have a new page to turn. There is plenty of motivation to make this year a success.
Over the past five years, tech-savvy New Years resolutionists have used one of two popular apps to get organized: Wunderlist or Todoist.
This classic rivalry has become a little more complicated in 2018.
Let’s compare these simple, but sophisticated to-do apps in honor of Sunday’s “Big Game.” We will compare them on price and ease-of-use as well as their popularity and outstanding features.

First, some news about Wunderlist…
What is the Wunderlist (or…was it)?
Wunderlist may be finally ready to retire, after Microsoft announced that it has launched its To-Do app for Office 365. This effectively moves Wunderlist out of its eight-month preview phase.
Wunderlist users who have been anticipating the app’s shut down for some time shouldn’t be surprised by this news.
After attracting a loyal following, Wunderlist, a beloved to-do tool created in Berlin by 6 Wunderkinder in 2011, was bought by Microsoft in 2015. Microsoft announced last spring that the Wunderlist team would be replacing its namesake app with a new app called Microsoft To-Do.
Ori Artman, general manager of Microsoft To-Do, stated that “Once we are sure that we have incorporated all the best from Wunderlist into Microsoft To-Do,” Wunderlist will be retired.
It was almost a whole year ago. Wunderlist, like Brett Favre in 2006 and 2010, has continued to speculate on retirement.
Wunderlist has not received any bug fixes or updates for several months. However, it has maintained its loyal users. Wunderlist’s December update stated that full retirement would not occur in the next few months. We will give our users ample notice.
Users expressed concern over the decision to replace Wunderlist by a Microsoft product in Wunderlist blog comments. However, Wunderlist product managers assured them that the new app would be just as good as Wunderlist.
Here’s a sampling of the Wunderlist team’s spin control:
What does this all mean?
Wunderlist was once a great choice if you are looking for a simple but powerful to-do list app. You might be wondering if Wunderlist is going away. Should I migrate to Microsoft To-Do or look elsewhere?
This is where Todoist comes in to the conversation.
What is Todoist?
Before Wunderlist stole much of its thunder and became the king of project management tools, Todoist was a true pioneer in the field of project management tools.
Bosnian refugee Amir Salihefendic created the app in 2007 to help him organize his projects. The app was eventually shared with the world and attracted millions upon millions of users. This transformed the app from a side-project into a full-time enterprise.
Wunderlist was born in the midst of the Pepsi to Todoist’s Coca-Cola era. You can type one in any search engine, and the other will prominently appear in your results as an option.
It’s time to rematch Wunderlist, which is now being replaced by Microsoft To-Do. Let’s compare the new tool to its predecessor.
Let’s break this one down position-by-position in the spirit of “The Big Game”, or Super…err.
Todoist vs. Microsoft To-Do
Todoist, and Microsoft To-Do are two task management champions. What makes them stand out from the rest?
Let’s first look at the most notable features that all apps share.
The similarities
The differences
Let’s now see what makes these apps so great.
1. Price
Todoist and Mic are free to use.