The internet has brought us a vast array of information. The internet is a global computer network that makes it possible to access a large amount of this information in digital form. Security is therefore a major concern. Cybersecurity is the term used to describe the security of data on the internet. Cybersecurity is a topic of great importance today, especially considering the numerous data thefts that have occurred with large companies like Marriott International, Yahoo, Facebook, Google+ and Google+. Cyberattacks like Ransomware and Spyware are also a major problem that must be addressed. It’s not surprising that large IT companies around the globe are spending millions of dollars to protect their business data.

There is a growing demand for cybersecurity professionals today, due to the increased global demand. The CompTIA Security+ Certification is a great way to tap into this growing demand and build a successful career in cybersecurity. Continue reading to learn about the top five benefits that CompTIA Security+ Certification can bring you.
Minimal Prerequisites
Many professionals and learners have been disqualified from professional certifications due to the conditions or prerequisites that they entail. CompTIA Security+ does not require any prerequisites, unlike other cybersecurity certifications. CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association), however, suggests that candidates for this certification exam have at least two years’ experience in the security or networking field. This will make it easier to pass the certification and get hired.
Globally Accepted
CompTIA Security+ is a global security certification that is considered the most fundamental in the cybersecurity field. This certification, which is offered by CompTIA Security+, is also accredited by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). It shows that a professional is capable of applying his knowledge, skills and qualities to comply with the ISO 17024 Standard.
High Salary
CompTIA Security+ Certification will allow you to earn significantly more than your non-certified peers. The salary range for network engineers is between $42,130 to $95,830. The salary depends on the candidate’s experience and qualifications. You can expect to earn a higher salary than IT professionals with five years experience.
Vendor-Neutral Characteristic
CompTIA Security+ certification is vendor-neutral. It doesn’t require you to concentrate on specific vendor technology or security requirements. Instead, you can focus on general cybersecurity aspects. This certification gives security professionals and network administrators the ability to dominate the market.
Tremendous Future Scope
Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that the greater the volume of digital data we deal with, the greater the risk of data theft or corruption. Therefore, cybersecurity is an ever-growing necessity. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that there will be 3.5million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021, an increase of 1 million from 2014. There are many other figures in the industry that show the immense future potential for those who are interested in cybersecurity.
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