Helpdesk has many responsibilities when it comes to updating the status, raising tickets and maintaining SLA. It is possible to lose tickets, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction and SLA violations. Businesses want to maintain their SLA as a key goal for retaining clients. There are many software programs that can be used to manage service desks. We only recommend the top five which are free and can be used to manage them effectively.
SpiceWorks: This is a free version that is self-hosted and is ready to use once it is set up. It is free and can be used by many agents. It also has an easy and fast installation process. It supports multi-site and device compatibility features, such as mobile. It also offers server monitoring services.
The services mentioned are open-source and can be customized to suit the needs of all users. It is a one-time process that requires us to install the software.
osTicket is easy to use. One can associate SLA’s and help topics or departments. You can set up overdue alerts and receive notifications if the due date is not met. Customer portal contains help requests. It allows unlimited SLA agreements, and you can add as much information as you wish to the ticket. You can also set up dashboard reports and automated replies.
OTRS Free: It sends notifications emails when a new ticket is created, or if the ticket status changes. Another feature is ticket lock, which prevents multiple agents from working on the same ticket simultaneously. The processing time is automatically calculated. There is also a feature that displays the out of status for an agent. Automation reduces the amount of effort required to resolve a particular issue.
Mantis Bug Tracker is also widely used. It allows agents to send them notifications based upon a set of rules. You can grant different levels of access to different users, which is another advantage. All changes made to a ticket are audited which aids in tracking the change in ticket status. It can also send SMS messages to people when an issue has been resolved. This is a great feature for external project management systems.
Bugzilla: It’s a simple and clean interface with no fancy features. It has advanced search features and can remember your queries. This can be very useful in handling large numbers of user requests. Although it can be a little bit difficult to install, once installed it is very easy to use.
The above-mentioned software can be helpful if you need to improve your helpdesk application without spending too much. A service desk application allows you to efficiently manage tickets based on their priority, severity, and category. The service desk applications have many features that are free of charge. They can be chosen based on the needs and number of customers they serve and the number and severity of their requests. It is possible to tailor the service desk application to meet your business’s needs with ease, as most of them allow for customization.

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