It can be difficult to find the right path to reach “IT Expertise” in a complex and broad field like IT. There are many new technologies to learn, security concerns to address, and operational best practices that you need to keep up with. How can IT professionals reach the top of their expertise and how can organizations leverage this talent? Here’s the solution.
Turn your existing employees into experts
Investments in capital can be made by organizations in a variety of areas, including technology, equipment, and facilities. The most important capital in any organization is its human capital. It takes time to train and nurture human capital before a professional can fully contribute to the organization’s operations and revenue. Upskilling and reskilling existing employees can make a huge difference in the quality and quantity you produce and the projects you deliver.
This is something that most employees and organizations agree with. Getting certified is one of the best ways to achieve your career goals and climb the ladder. There are many certifications that employees can use to show their skills and knowledge in areas such as computer security or system administration. You can think of CompTIA Security+ Certification and CASP Certification.
About CompTIA A+
CompTIA offers many IT certifications that can help employees excel professionally. CompTIA certifications typically cover IT security, computer basics and Linux programming, as well as other certifications.
CompTIA A+ News
CompTIA recently updated two certifications. CompTIA has also released new training products to give employees more opportunities to improve their IT knowledge. Other notable changes include:
CompTIA A+ – This entry-level IT certification has undergone a complete overhaul, including enhanced coverage of critical topics like cybersecurity and cloud computing.
CompTIA Linux+CompTIA has released a new version CompTIA Linux+. It is completely redesigned. CompTIA Linux+ can be earned by professionals who pass one exam and not two. The latest technology trends have been reflected in the content. It covers topics such storage and virtualization as well as networking and firewalls.
More training for IT certifications in 2018 CompTIA expanded its CertMaster product line, and introduced the Official CompTIA study guide for many certifications. They have added more tools to help professionals along their certification journey.
Latest Research on IT Trends & the WorkforceCompTIA’s research team keeps an eye on what’s happening in IT, from emerging technologies to employment trends. The research team regularly releases employment reports that show the state of the IT workforce. The IT Industry Outlook provides industry trends and a picture of the IT workforce. The internet of things (IoT), certifications and blockchain are just a few of the topics covered.
Expanded Online ResourcesCompTIA added new resources to its website to assist professionals in becoming familiar with the latest tech topics.
CompTIA A+ Certification Roadmap
CompTIA A+ certification provides a foundation for IT skills. It offers IT employees personalized options based on their skills, knowledge, and expertise. Employers can use the following roadmap to help them understand and determine the level of knowledge and skills that are necessary for the growth of their organization and their IT departments.

Benefits of the CompTIA A+ Certifications
Easy to Upskill EmployeesCertifications will continue to play an essential purpose as employers keep searching for the right fit. Employers don’t have to emphasize hiring. They can make sure their employees are certified. This is a great way to show technical skills. This will reduce the time and money needed to find new candidates and will speed up the process.
More Career Opportunities
Higher SalaryThe CompTIA certifications offer many benefits, including higher salaries.
Final Thoughts
CompTIA certifications are a huge benefit to IT professionals and their companies. Employers can be confident that their employees are more knowledgeable and committed by having one or more CompTIA certifications. These certifications are accepted worldwide and vendor-neutral, adding another feather to the cap. CompTIA certifications are awarded to employees who have earned the CompTIA certificate.