Masterclass Date: Thursday April 7, 2022
120 minutes

The internet’s growing reach and the ever-changing software technology evolution has transformed the world. This includes shopping, banking, entertainment, manufacturing, and many other areas. The role of software has evolved from being a support element to an integral part of business processes and operations. Companies are experiencing amazing efficiencies, which is why it is important to have solid expertise in both development and operations. These areas are known as the value chain. They include logistics, operations, communications, and so on. DevOps stands for the combination of the best practices, the tools and the processes that are used to improve the organization’s ability deliver applications and services faster than traditional development processes.
Amazon Web Services (AWS), a set of services that are specifically designed for DevOps, is made for use with AWS Cloud. The key benefits of AWS include the ability to automate manual tasks, manage complex environments, and provide high-velocity monitoring and control. This allows for greater agility and faster turnarounds in overall development and operations. The AWS DevOps certification certifies that certified professionals have the latest DevOps skills. This includes designing, deploying and operating the organization’s cloud space and applications.
NetCom Learning offers specialized support for AWS DevOps using a variety of resources. These include the AWS DevOps Engineer RAMP-up Guide, AWS DevOps Courses, AWS Training courses, AWS eLearning, and private group training.
About the AWS DevOps Masterclass
AWS cloud technologies are increasingly being used by organizations to improve customer service and speed up delivery. This 2-hour LIVE virtual Masterclass on AWS DevOps will guide you through the most common DevOps patterns, practices, and tools in AWS cloud environments. It will allow you and your team to build and deliver products faster and more reliably. NetCom Learning will conduct the AWS DevOps Masterclass through an AWS Authorized Instructor. The instructor will address attendees’ concerns in real time at the end.
Agenda for Masterclass
The Masterclass agenda is as follows:
To DevOps

Basic understanding of Infrastructure Automation

Learn how to implement DevOps culture in the AWS Cloud

Learn more about AWS Cloud Formation template, including its structure, parameters and stacks, updates, importing resource, drift detection, and updates.

About AWS Certified Masterclass Speaker
Brian Wu, an AWS Authorized Champion level Instructor, will host the Masterclass. He has over 19 years of IT industry consulting experience. He is a specialist in virtualization, cloud computing, security, Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp. He will also host the Masterclass on NetScaler and Citrix XenApp. His extensive IT industry training experience has allowed him to train enterprises across all industries to aid their adoption of Cloud technology.
About NetCom Learning
NetCom Learning is a company that helps to create innovative learning organizations at work by enabling smarter employees, supporting change, and driving growth. Since 1998, we have been helping organizations achieve maximum performance and address challenges through all aspects of organizational learning. NetCom Learning has served over 80% Fortune 1000 companies. We have helped over 14,000 businesses and 150,000 professionals reach their business goals. Our team of dedicated learning professionals uses deep subject-matter expertise. For the past seven years, NetCom Learning has been recognized as one of the top 20 IT Training Companies by The Training Industry. We are an award-winning IT training and business skills organization.
NetCom Learning is an official AWS Partner Network (APN training partner) and offers a wide variety of authorized AWS certification training courses. These courses cover AWS solutions such as AWS Architects, AWS Essentials Big Data, AWS Developers, AWS SysOps and AWS Security. Our AWS product offerings start at the foundational level and go up to professional and specialty certifications.
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