Webinar Date: Thursday, April 14, 2022
Webinar Timings: 1:00 PM – 1:40 PM EST | 40 minutes

Cloud computing is a key component of modern business. It has revolutionized the way that businesses do business. Cloud computing is changing the way businesses operate. New solutions are being developed and implemented to achieve high efficacy and better results. These changes are welcome but they also present new and more complex challenges for organizations. Microsoft Azure solutions can help you on this journey and expand your possibilities. The new technology trend of Artificial Intelligence Engineering (AI) Engineering has dramatically increased the potential and the demand for certified professionals.
NetCom Learning is a trusted partner in Microsoft upskilling within organizations around the world. It provides specialized training and preparation solutions for employees and organizational teams to ensure smooth, seamless, and timely completions of corporate projects. For more information, visit the NetCom Learning Microsoft partner Network Trainings Section.
Participants will learn how to harness the incredible power of AI using the Microsoft Azure solution suite. This session will teach you how to integrate AI Solutions into your organization’s business vision. You will also learn the latest machine learning techniques.
NetCom Learning offers a preparatory course to the MICROSOFT AZURE AI Fundamentals. This course introduces the fundamental concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Microsoft Azure services that can be used for creating AI solutions.
NetCom Learning also created a detailed Microsoft Azure Training and Certifications guide. This guide will outline the steps to provide training & certification options for professionals in order to achieve personal and organizational success.
About the Webinar
All participants are welcome to register for the webinar at no cost. Participants will learn about the entire Artificial Intelligence ecosystem and its associated levels. The webinar trainer will be NetCom’s Microsoft-certified faculty. They will also discuss the technical requirements to implement the AZURE AI system. The webinar will provide basic knowledge about AI integrations in organizations and the best tips for making the transition smoother.
Agenda for a Webinar
to AI and its levels

Overview of AI Ecosystem and Applications

Learn the technical requirements to implement an Azure AI solution

Learn how to integrate AI

These are the 5 Tips and Tricks to Implement AI

Q&A with the speaker

Why choose NetCom Learning for Microsoft AZURE Training
You can find details about the Microsoft certification training programs offered by NetCom Learning here. NetCom’s Microsoft Application Digital Learning Library is also available. It offers a variety of e-Learning modules that can be used to enhance the skills of professionals and teams within organizations.
NetCom Learning empowers innovation-driven organizations by making their workforce smarter, supporting organizational growth, and supporting those changes. We also assist smaller organizations in their quest for Microsoft Azure deployments. Our solutions are available to many sectors, including Enterprise Commercial US & Canada and Regulated Industry & SMC. We also offer hands-on training and installations for Microsoft Partners, Universities, Microsoft Employees, and Microsoft Partners.
Microsoft Azure certifications are a great way to boost your career and earn recognitions. NetCom Learning’s Azure-based Certifications Poster outlines the many upskill opportunities available through the Azure Trainings and Certifications. Upskilling on AZURE is bound to help you tremendously in your quest for turning around your ideas into practical solutions with around 200+ services for building, deploying, and managing across cloud/on-premise/edge platforms.
About NetCom Learning
NetCom Learning is a global leader in training and learning solutions. We have been helping organizations achieve optimal performance and address challenges since 1998. We manage all aspects of organizational learning.
NetCom Learning is a dedicated team of learning professionals with deep subject-matter knowledge. We have served over 80% Fortune 100 companies. NetCom Learning has helped more than 14,000 companies and 150,000 professionals reach their business goals. We offer a full range of Managed Learning Services including IT and business training.