CompTIA podcasts covered a variety of related topics during Cybersecurity Awareness Month. They included how tech companies are facing new security challenges, cybercrimes, and more. Find out what we heard in October. CompTIA podcasts covered a variety of related topics during Cybersecurity Awareness Month. They discussed everything from how tech firms are facing new security challenges to cybercrimes, and more. Volley’s holiday episode kicked off the season of tech and we also discussed digital transformation. Here’s what we heard on CompTIACasts October. You can also check out all our podcasts.
Cybersecurity top-of-mind for tech firms
BizTech podcast devoted a lot of Cybersecurity Awareness month to the topic. First, Jeff Dawley (founder and president of Cybersecurity Compliance Corp.) and Adam Proulx (senior manager of CompTIA member communities), discussed how the pandemic forced security experts to rethink their security procedures.
“The challenge is always that there’s network and endpoints. You’ve got a virus scanner and maybe a VPN tunnel. But you’ve opened your computer, and the name of your children is on the whiteboard. One of those children names is actually your password. So, someone zoom bombs you. They’ve got your password and socially engineered through the whiteboard. It’s that easy to be compromised.” Jeff Dawley is the President and Founder of Cybersecurity Compliance Corp. Listen to the episode. Later in the month, community managers Adam Proulx, Miles Jobgen, and Ken Muir, chief cybersecurity officer, LCM Security Inc. They discussed cybercrimes, how hackers use emerging technologies to outsmart targets, and how the pandemic affected cybersecurity.
Ransomware is not activated immediately. Cybercriminals want you to keep backups for several weeks. They know that if you do restores, it will re-infect your system. People don’t patch. I see it over and over. I discover what ransomware it’s and tell them, “This patch was released two years ago, and your entire operation is down, because you didn’t patch for it.” Miles Jobgen also welcomed Kevin McDonald, a cybersecurity practitioner, presenter and trainer, as well as COO and CISO of Alvaka Networks to discuss ransomware attacks. Kevin shared his perspective on the greatest threat to IT solution providers and offered insight and practical steps to help everyone meet the ransomware challenge.
“You can’t pretend you are security experts. “You can’t pretend to do security.” Kevin McDonald (COO and CISO), Alvaka NetworksListen. Volley also discussed cybersecurity with James Stanger (chief technology evangelist at CompTIA), joining hosts Carolyn April and Seth Robinson to discuss findings from CompTIA’s most recent research. These include the structure of today’s security teams and the adoption a zero trust framework. He also discussed how companies deal with privacy as they rely on more data to create their products and offerings.
Zero trust eliminates the assumption of trust whenever there is any type of connection. Imagine a scenario where you have to prove you endpoint. You have to prove that you are logged in before you can access the most basic services. It’s basically an inspection of your computer’s state. What point can we trust it or not? “James Stanger is Chief Technology Evangelist at CompTIAListen.
Digital Transformation is now possible
Miles Jobgen, a member of the Executive Council and president at Net Sciences, Inc., spoke with Joshua Liberman about having a plan in place to help clients who are interested in how their IT services can help them keep their business secure and viable.
“We’ve destroyed the (security) perimeter, it is no longer a firewall on an edge, it’s now this probabilistic cloud full of problems you have got to deal with,” Joshua Liberman, President, Net Sciences, Inc. Listen to the episode.
Volley kicks off the Holidays
To close out the month on Volley, hosts Carolyn April & Seth Robinson were joined for the annual holiday episode by Randy Gross, CompTIA CIO executive vice president of certification operations. They shared their fears for Halloween with us; their gratitude for Thanksgiving; and their wishes for the winter holidays.
“Because of our technological capabilities, we can pivot to work from home