CompTIA podcasts in September 2020 covered marketing tips and automation for MSPs, workforce enablement, DEI and many other topics. Listen to the podcast now to hear what we said. CompTIA podcasts featured a variety of topics with both member-experts as well as staff. They provided insight into the most hot topics in tech today, including marketing tips for MSPs and automation, workforce enablement and more. Check out all our podcasts to find out what we heard on CompTIACasts September. Start listening now by signing up
Technology’s Trajectory
Volley concluded its three-part series of episodes for the Trajectory of Technology in September. Part two featured CompTIA research analysts Carolyn April, and Seth Robinson discussing automation as companies seek to maximize their workforce and increase their resilience in their operations.
“In many cases, we are trying automate something that is complex. It is possible to automate very simple tasks. Automation can be automated for very simple tasks. You can’t program in every scenario, but complexity increases. This is where automation has been most difficult. Automation is not easy because of emerging technology.
Part three dealt with the hot topic workforce enablement. Companies find remote workers to be productive but they don’t always have the same level or ability to network and innovate. Businesses will need to decide about their strategy and culture. Then they will need to find technology that allows both productivity and the parts that are typically found in face-to-face interactions.
“I believe it is possible to innovate when working remotely. Maybe it’s all about the technology tools. They might not have the same ability to innovate as humans, but they aren’t quite up to the challenge. But I think that we are at an inflection point where we haven’t figured out how to map the tech tools and the people.” Carolyn April Senior Director, Industry Analysis, CompTIA. Listen now
MSP Marketing Strategies 2020 and Beyond
Hartland Ross, founder, and president, and Devin Rose (vice president of digital marketing at eBridge Marketing Solutions), joined Miles Jobgen, host of CompTIA to discuss marketing strategies for IT solution providers. They discussed how to establish your business’ priorities and decide which strategies to invest in.
“This is a great example of the importance of having a strategy in these difficult times. Once you have a clear understanding of your MSP’s strategy, you can begin to implement the tactics that make sense towards that goal. Devin Rose, Vice President, Digital Marketing, eBridge Marketing Solutions. Listen now
The Culture Shift continues
The Advancing Tech Talent and Diversity Community continue their four-part Culture Shift series with episodes 2 and 3. These episodes focus on building a talent advantage and the road towards equity for all. Listen as Paige Reh (human resources director, Strategic Communications); Cal Jackson (director, diversity & inclusion global programs, Tech Data); Cassandra Allen (director, talent management, vCom); and Susanne Tedrick (cloud engineer, IBM) join Yvette Steele (director of the Advancing Tech Talent and Diversity Community, CompTIA) to discuss growing the culture shift towards equity for all.
Managers and leaders face many barriers because they don’t understand the unique lens Black people and others of color see and the years of experience you’ve had–the biases, micro aggressions. Managers and leaders have to be educated. I think there is a healthy amount of skepticism among communities of color about whether these managers are really going to be advocates or allies, or if this is a marketing ploy. I believe that this healthy level of skepticism can be justified. Managers and leaders should expect some pushback and some raised eyebrows. However, if you are determined to be an advocate and ally, it is important to educate yourself, listen, and push your understanding of the experiences of these communities. “Susanne Tedrick Cloud Engineer, IBMListen for part 2