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Office 365 is a cloud-based suite Compliance comes with MIP capabilities. This gives you the tools to protect your data and prevent data loss. Office 365 is more than Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It combines the best productivity tools with robust cloud storage, system monitors, and sophisticated security into a single, connected interface.
Know your data
The following capabilities can be used to analyze your data environment, detect sensitive data, and more.

Protect your data
The following features can be used to implement flexible protection actions such as encryption, access limits, or visual markings for data:
CapabilityWhat problems does it solve?Get startedSensitivity labelsIdentify and safeguard sensitive data as it moves within and outside your business with a single solution that works across applications, sites, and platforms.Begin with sensitivity labels.Unified labeling agent for Azure Information ProtectionLabeling is extended to Windows Explorer and PowerShell on Windows machines, with extra functionality for Office software if needed.Administrator’s instructions for Azure Information Protection’s unified labeling clientDouble key encryptionJust your business can ever decode protected material. Azure Purview automatically detects and labels sensitive data in Azure Purview assets. Azure Purview labels sensitive data and material automatically.
Prevent data loss
To avoid accidental administrator can set sensitive information, use the following features:
CapabilityWhat problems does this solve? Get startedData protection preventionExtends DLP file activity monitor and safety precautions to on premises file sharing, SharePoint folders and documents libraries.
MIP license requirements are not predefined. They are determined by the features and scenarios you use, rather than having predefined registration requirements. For more information on MIP licensing requirements and options, please refer to the Information Protection section of Microsoft 365 advice regarding security and compliance.
Enhanced Audit is a benefit for users as audit data for user activity within Microsoft 365 apps can stored for one year. Elevated audit events such as w are also logged.